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About Us

Why Xhibit Connection?

We are visual marketing professionals with a passion for creating trade show exhibits that are unique and memorable. We’ll use our many years of experience to design and produce an exhibit for your company that is a ‘show-stopper’. Stop your consumers in the aisles and draw them into your exhibit space! Xhibit Connection stands for partnership, partnership with hundreds of businesses that will do billions in commerce within exhibits at events all around the world. Founded in 2014 by Vincent Paoline, Xhibit Connection hopes to deliver the best possible tradeshow experience to our valued clients.

Our Mission Statement

With nearly 40 combined years in the tradeshow industry, let our attention to detail be there for you from start to finish. Let our business help your business shine at every event.

The Team


Vincent Paoline

With 18 years of tradeshow experience and almost 10 years of graphics experience, Vinny took the leap and created Xhibit Connection. He is detail oriented, and won’t quit working to your exhibit is just how you want it. He started getting his tradeshow knowledge working in a warehouse, and moved his way up to where he is today. He has been involved in all aspects of the tradeshow life, including exhibit design, graphic design, project management, show supervision, and exhibit manufacturing. If you have an idea for your dream booth, Vinny can bring that to life.


Alison Thompson

Ali has 6 years of tradeshow experience, along with 8 years of customer service. She splits her time between the office and the show floor. She will place your orders, but can build your booth too.


Ralph Devoe

Ralph has 10 years of tradeshow experience. Ralph time is split between the show floor and the warehouse. He makes sure your booth is prepped and looks awesome for its next show.


Joseph Archer

Joey has 6 years of tradeshow experience under his belt. The clients all love his outgoing personality.